Guest poet

Lisa Burrows

A poem for my cousin


Emptiness without you is all I now feel inside,

Numb all over my body I have become on the outside,

Feelings I have possessed of internal sadness,

Aware more in the height of my new found loneliness,

Hiding away I did in the utmost of shame,

Deserted you in your time of need I felt I had in your time of pain,

For the suffering that you endured that I did not see,

Guilty forever I know I shall always be,

What hurts me the most so deep inside,

I never got to say goodbye before you died,

Wanting you to understand that my son at the time was also poorly too,

I needed you to know that so often my cousin I did pray for you.




Somebody help me to be the person I was before this sadness engulfed my body and mind,

Somebody help me out of the darkest depths of emptiness I feel so deep inside,

Somebody help me to stop torturing myself with this guilt within every day,

Somebody help me to get out of this deep dark hole I reside in, hiding in dismay,

Somebody help me get back my courage and confidence I once had many years ago,

Somebody help before I give up altogether,

Somebody help me find a release for my burden of sorrow.


Freedom of the road


I look out at the bright clear sky,

The sunshine, it is once again here,

I pull on my leathers, my helmet and my gloves,

I freewheel out my bike, in excitement I turn that key,

I listen to the engine begin to whistle and purr,

In anticipation I pull in the clutch, I select the first gear,

I ease open the throttle and then off I go,

That feeling is here again,

I am riding along without a care,

All my tortures and anguish, within moments they disappear,

I feel the wind rushing by faster, each passing object lasting momentarily,

As I ride along within the freedom of the road,

I know there's nowhere else that I would rather be.


A poem for my dad


Words cannot describe,
Just how much love I feel for you,
You make me smile with your kind words,
Whenever I am feeling sad,
The way your always joking around makes me proud that your my dad,
You never moan and groan at all when I am around,
Even when your poorly you never winged out loud,
I want you to know that i,I will always be there for you,
As you mean so much to me I love you


A poem for my mother


Mother your very special to me,
your tender loving care you gave,
which helped me understand,
gentleness and kindness with your touch,
i miss our shopping sprees and girly chats,
baking cakes and eating the cake mix,
sipping ovaltine and watching tv,
sweet memories we share dear mother,
i love you more than words can say.




Jill my older sister and true friend,
you'll always have a special place in my heart,
I looked up to you and still do,
when you smile the sun shines,
your youthful face sparkles,
you have not changed my dear sis,
through sad times and bad,
your always there to listen and guide me through,
and I want you to know i'm grateful for the things you do,
and,i'm here for you too when you need me,
I love you sis,forever and always.




Ann my sister and my friend,
I am so proud of you,
Your courageous and brave,
It must have been so hard for you in Bosnia,
The pictures on the news were all I saw,
All the pain and suffering you had to deal with out there,
You were in my thoughts always while you were away,
You have had hard times to go through,
But you have always amazed me and bounced back,
Although I hardly see you I want you to know,
Dear sister I love you very much,forever and always.



Paula your a bundle of fun,
always making me smile,
your bubbly personality shines through,
thanx for understanding and your kindness,
you have helped me so much now more than ever,
I am glad I turned to you dear sister and true friend,
I love you always and forever.


The beach


I love the beach with its golden sand
Listening to the waves walking hand in hand,

Watching the boats way out at sea,
Grabbing fish and chips for our tea
Collecting stones and various shells,
Smelling delicious waffles on the main road they sell,
Do you know why I like it so much,
Cause your here with me too your warmth I touch,
Together forever walking along,
Snuggling under the boardwalk in the sun,
Its been a while since we went there,
Can you take me back soon treasured moments we'll share.


A poem for my husband


Thank you Ian for loving me,
Your my world my rock of stability,
Thank you for putting up with mood swings,
The arguing screaming and smashing things,
Thank you for forgiving me when I have done wrong,
I never meant to hurt u you'll always be number one,
Thank you for the love we share so passionate and true,
All my love and devotion I give eternally to you.


Samantha jayne

seventeen was all i was,
frightened but excited too,
the fear of my parents reaction,
when they came back from their holiday,
tears we,d shed and hugs by the ton,
preparing our speech of we,re going to be parents,
little we knew my parents were wonderful,
they gave us a hug and prepared for the midwifes visit,
everyone was happy at the news i bought you a pair of booties,
then a few weeks later i was in terrible pain,
my baby had died a miscarriage i suffered,
we had named you samantha jayne,
only 12weeks old but i still feel the sadness today,
you'd have been 19 now if u were still here,
i guess your place was up above,
angelic one i'll never forget you


A poem for my nephew


That cheeky grin was all i saw,
and bright blue eyes to adore,
always smiling and happy ,
even bath time and changing your nappy,
i loved every minute caring for you,
from pushing you in your pram and cuddling you too,
as time went on you'd read to me,
and id help you with homework sat on the settee,
most weekends you'd come to stay,
with that smile to brighten my day,
But years go by and older you get,
i don't see much of you now and that i regret,
i don't blame you its just how things go,
you have your own life to lead and this i know,
just promise me one thing as i write,
don't forget your aunty Lisa still loves you right




jody was my pony at least i treat him that way,
13hands high white coat id ride him every saturday,
we,d always be last in the hack,
id whisper in his ear are we gonna stay at the back,
come on jode you clever boy,
we,d trot to the front smiling with joy,
every weekend id bring you treats,
and on boxing day you even got sweets,
i knew the day would finally come,
id get to heavy to ride you with my fat bum,
no other ponies could ever compare,
to that special bond of love we,d share


First crush


you,d smile at me and red id glow,
my heart pounding faster as in the chippy you,d go,
looking out of my bedroom window id be,
just a glimpse of your car id see,
your blue mondeo shiny and new,
id dream you'd take me out in it too,
thinking back now i must have been mad,
living on hopes and dreams was all i had,
i embarrassedly asked you out,
by the look on your face i knew i should have said nowt,
no you said but we re still friends,
upset and brokenhearted is where the story ends


Hazards of time


Look what's become of the old brickworks,
the once harmless clay pits are now hazardous grounds,
all kind of waste is now dumped there each day,
huge open pools of toxicity entering the atmosphere,
no ones ever told of the dangers,
the tiny triangle radiation signs are all you see,
as i drive past my windows tight shut to prevent breathing the gassy stench,
just how much more dumping is going to go on,
until the beauty of our pastures disappear,
or worse a horrific manmade disaster would that stop them.


A poem for my beautiful son Thomas


You light up my life every day,
your my special lovely boy,
the sweetest child of course,
blue eyes like summer skies,
your smile bright as a gift from heaven,
your my boy with the biggest heart,
loving and kind in every way,
it gave me great joy giving birth to you,
although you suffered much pain and illness,
you pulled through with such strength and determination,
the way you coped was amazing my little soldier,
always joking with the nurses and smiling,
seven years on you,ve grown up so fast,
you mean the world to me i love you,
keep on succeeding and you, you'll go far i'm sure,
after all you deserve it.




Why is it you cant wait to be eighteen,
then you think i wish i was twenty one,
when your young you wish your life away,
i regret the years racing by,
places change and people change,
buildings get demolished and new ones built,
the prices keep on rising,
but your wages stay the same,
thousands more people are dieting,
especially from different cancers,
the one thing i'll never let go,
the happy childhood memories i lived,
the teenage clubbing memories i never forget,
memories of my wedding day stay forever,
and the birth of my beautiful thomas ,
these memories get me through life's dullest darkest days




Today at 10:10am
Why is it you hurt me so,
maybe you don't mean to though,
just a moment of your anger is all it takes,
the shouting threats and slamming doors how my heart aches,
i'm always told i'm stupid and dumb and thick,
its always me to blame i always take the stick,
my tears of pain wont stop for a while,
a few hours later you'll try and make me smile,
i try to resist the kisses you give,
i cant my heart remembers the kind one i fell in love with,
and finally apologies will flow,
happy once again until the next painful sorrow




Why is life never simple,
complications come along,
desperation and heart ache,
like a whirlwind your life is spinning,
which direction do you choose to go,
decisions of confusion descend,
creating feelings of entrapment and despair,
do you break the chains your used to being bound,
or do you cower at the thought of independence,
pathetic really i must sound,
how do i slow the whirlwind down,
how do i make people understand me,
alone and afraid imprisoned i hide,
if only i could find the courage to get out,
impossible choices sometimes you find,
i need excitement and fun to fill my life,
but where do i begin,
how do i open my heart from such sorrow,
i hope the answer i'll find somehow,
but until then the quiet loneliness and despair will have to stay




the way you melt in the mouth,
a taste so sweet and addictive,
one piece certainly leads to another,
then another and another until,
oh no you,ve finished the lot in about half an hour,

then comes the feeling of guilt the next day,
and another pound heavier the scales don't lie,
and for that day you swear you'll never eat chocolate again,
til the cravings begin again




Some days I cant stop my feelings,
The voice inside of me has to sing out,
My favourite songs set my soul alive,
I sing to them with excitement,
They brighten up my mood,
Madonna,Bon jovi and others take me into the music,
I drift away and for that moment be,
A singing star behind closed doors,
The performer unknown to everyone,
To sing and act was my childhood dream,
But if you give up hope and hate yourself within,
Without confidence you will never acheive and fulfil your dream


Start Believing


I have to be brave,
I have to be strong,
I have to reach out to someone,
I have to make something of this life I,m living,
Stop torturing myself and staret believing,
I have to reach for the stars,
I have to work harder than ever before,
Look for that rainbow of happiness,
And make all my dreams come true



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