Guest poet

James R Duffield

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there is a time in life, that greats and holds your hand
there also is the time that tries to make you understand
you see the joy-est smile the part that make you feel a man
and then you see the strongest part that makes you feel your damned

its not the hardest step you take that makes you feel grown up,
its the hurt you feel and heart you bleed which makes me what i am
my final word, of what it is to be all you can be
our heart you find the pain you see, the final word is ME


To my uncle Jerry

Uncle jerry you were what i see to be a really good man,the hurt and agro you have felt, now i do understand and you took me fishing on deep seas, and i catch my biggest cod,we will forget the time i cried, throwing up saying my were the man, that made me see the way that life is,a pint of cider in the green dragon and yet i still do live. i told you once you still are the man i wished that i could be,the tolerance, the hardship the were the man that made me, the best that i could wish. please don't desert me, this is my christmas wish,my pain ,my hurt, my everything your son has always been my envy but i hope the last thing that you hear from me, is that your my uncle Jerry


To my cuz

i gave you love for which you understand, my heart was in your open hand,
i trusted you with everything, i brought you my life and my siblings
you were the best i try and hoped, without your speach i could not cope,
but then you took her by the hand and made me fell just who i am,
because of you i feel so week, i made you... strong you made me week,
but after all thats been said and done, im still with the girl i have always won
i told you the truth you sat and laughed, you made me feel i was havin a garraff
my heart i told you were the one, but still now i feel im the one undone
you will always be the best to me, refreshing loyal and true to me,
my love i say was always true, the cousin i speak off is little old you.




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